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What is "Human Design?"


Your Human Design is a visual representation of the energies and potentials with which you were born. It is a personal guide to the best possible ways you can express your unique potentials. Also known as your energy blueprint, your Design shows us the unique ways you are best designed to:

   • Love, lead, learn, and create
   • Know, grow, and form healthy relationships
   • Make great decisions for your life

   • Enhance your health and vitality
   • And much more that will make your heart sing

Aligning with your Human Design emphasizes presence, surrender & embodiment. When we become present, we are able to surrender into the way our energy works best for us, and connect into our body’s natural intelligence and wisdom. These are keys to healthy living and awareness that transform us into being the person we came here to be, and doing what we came here to do.


Quantum Alignment Coaching

and Human Design Readings 

with Mariya Masters    

Human Design Compass

What if you could live your life knowing

the magnificence of who you truly are, AND

knowing how to use your gifts, skills, and

vulnerabilities*to create the life you want?

*We all have vulnerabilities! So let's turn them into wisdom! 

Click on any title below for information about the different Human Design Readings

and for information about Quantum Alignment Coaching

Quantum Alignment Coaching

Inquire about a Human Design Reading or a Quantum Alignment Coaching Session
with Mariya
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