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Our Human Design is a visual representation of the energies and potentials with which we were born. It is a personal roadmap and guide to the best possible ways we can express our unique potentials. Also known as our energy blueprint, our Design shows us the unique ways we are designed to:

   • Love, lead, learn, and create
   • Know, grow, and form healthy relationships
   • Make great decisions for your life

   • Enhance your health and vitality
   • And much more that makes your heart sing

Embodying our Human Design emphasizes presence, surrender & embodiment. When we become present, we can surrender into the way our energy works for us and tune into our body’s intelligence. These are the keys to healthy living and awareness that can transform us into the person we were meant to be.


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Hello ~ Exploring and sharing the art and science of personal transformation has been a deeply valuable and exciting life long journey for me. In 2008 I received my first Human Design chart. In the few words of the booklet that came with it, Human Design spoke such great truth for me that I have been joyfully studying, exploring, teaching, and coaching Human Design ever since. I celebrate the infinite evolutionary possibilities within this very accessible, enlightening, inspiring, and practical body of self-knowledge.

I am a Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist and Level 3 Certified Quantum Alignment System™ Practitioner with eleven years experience living into and loving my unique Design, and 10 years teaching and coaching Human Design. It is a joy to watch my clients and students remember their life purpose, understand who they really are, and joyfully create the opportunities resources to do what they came here to do.

I live in Friday Harbor, Washington on San Juan Island where I share Human Design with students and clients locally and internationally. Readings and Quantum Alignment Sessions are conducted in person, by phone, Zoom, or Skype. I teach Human Design Introductions and Workshops, love to travel, and gladly teach wherever I am invited. If you join one of my workshops, expect to have fun while discovering how YOU want to express the amazing energies in your energy blueprint to navigate your life and the world in deeply fulfilling ways!

I am deeply grateful to all who invite me to share Human Design and Quantum Alignment Coaching, shining luminous light on new potentials and possibilities that make our hearts sing. 

If you invite me to partner with you

as your Human Design Specialist

We will explore your dreams for your life. How do you want your life to be different in ways that will relax your mind and delight your heart? Then in simple and deep ways we’ll use your Human Design ~ your unique energy blueprint ~ as a transformative tool. This is very exciting and doable! You will learn skills and strategies to help you maximize your understanding of yourself and your natural strengths, gifts and talents. You will gain practical ways to release old stories and their unhelpful habits and patterns. You will learn how to embody a new story founded in self-love, self-trust, and self-worth, and more, that empower you to fulfill your dreams.

If you invite me to partner with you

as your Quantum Alignment Practitioner

Know that you will be working with a caring and insightful coach who values the unique nature of each individual's power, and the special role they are here to play in the world.

In Master Alignment Coaching sessions we work with trauma and other powerful stressors to restore your health, vitality, well-being and resilience. An amazing amount of change is possible. Energy psychology tools are highly effective in gently and respectfully transforming areas of fear, resistance, trauma, and stress into inner resources that maximize your health and vitality, bring you peace and joy, happier more fulfilling relationships, and success in life.


I will guide you to tap into your own inner knowing, support you in healthy activities to increase your energy while you are in a creative cycle, and celebrate  you as you leave old stories and limiting beliefs behind; and as you embrace your new story that open new possibilities in your life that make your heart sing.


B.A. Fine Arts, B.S. Education, University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology, NLP Mastery Level, Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym® instructor, Rhythmic Movement Training instructor, Neurodevelopmental Movement Specialist, independent studies in quantum physics , extensive meditation experience with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Dawson Church, specialized EFT Universe trauma training with Judith Frost, 40 years study and practice in Integrative Healing Arts, 35 years Therapeutic Storyteller with children


What People Are Saying

"I’ve been meaning to tell you - I loved my HD reading! I am amazed and impressed that it was so accurate - and multiple things that have never shown up in a traditional astrology reading. You are really on to something here. It was absolutely fascinating!"  Shelly Van Skyhawk  PCC, NTP


"Your presentation is clear and your voice sings the excitement of what you see. Beyond info your reading is a transmission of possibility. And an inspiration that lights up the spirit, finding joy in our human song and our place in the greater scheme of things."  Anya Kumara, Ashland, OR



"Mariya’s Human Design readings for our whole family were truly life-changing. After hearing Mariya's spot-on wealth of information, I understood myself, my husband and each of our two daughters so much better. It helped me to be more loving and compassionate. Thank you Mariya! I am so grateful."  S. S., Chimacum, Washington

"Mariya is a beautiful soul, who is so intuitive and in tune with Source. Her reading was enlightening for me. She is so generous and has a deeply calm aura about her. For my first reading, she was considerate of time and schedule it immediately, which was the best because I was so excited to see what she had in store for me. Mariya was very flexible and very much concerned with what I needed and wanted to get out of my human design reading. I cannot wait for my next reading!!!"   Meg, M



"Thank you so much for yesterday - words cannot express the gratitude in my heart. Body tired today so resting and enjoying it and not letting my to do list take over."  Xxx Claire

"Thanks so much for your facilitation, time, expertise and caring heart yesterday, it was a very good session. I thought in advance perhaps I would have emotions coming up to process following, however I instead have just felt freer, happy and hopeful that this is exactly what I needed for the next reveal of direction."  Amy M.

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