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My Services

Human Design ~ Specialized Astrology Readings

Transformational and healing

  • Natal/Foundation Chart ~ Relationship ~ Family Connections

  • Life purpose ~ Solar Returns ~ Soul Alignment

  • Retirement ~ Client-specific readings by request

  • Life Cycle Readings: Saturn Returns, Chiron Return, Uranus

  • Opposition, Uranus Return

It's time for a new approach!

Your Quantum Human Design is a visual representation of the energies and potentials with which you were born. It is a personal guide to the best possible ways you can express your unique potentials.


Your energy blueprint helps you:

  • Live true to yourself

  • Love, lead, learn, and create

  • Form healthy relationships

  • Make great decisions for your life

  • Enhance your health and vitality

  • And much more that will make your heart sing.


Quantum Human Design gives us a fresh and insightful look at ourselves from a new perspective, without asking us to change anything. Clients see and understand how to intentionally disrupt old ways of thinking, old patterns and habits and outdated cultural conditioning and narratives that no longer serve them.


Aligning with your Human Design emphasizes presence, surrender and embodiment. When we become present, we are able to surrender into the way our energy works best for us, and connect into our body’s natural intelligence and wisdom. These are keys to healthy living and insightful awareness that transform us into being the person we came here to be, and creatively living into new possibilities and personal potential


Quantum Alignment Coaching Sessions:

Release the pain of past experiences
See how to easily change old ways that no longer serve you

  • Quantum Alignment primarily uses gentle time-honored meridian tapping protocols, and other energy medicine protocols to release the pain of past experiences, understand how those experiences shaped you, find a new empowering self narrative and practical and grounded ways to make life changes that are in alignment with who you really are and that guide you to step joyfully into the freedom of living a balanced life.


  • Sessions are 60-75 minutes, possibly less depending on when you feel genuinely “complete”.

  • Be the person you came here to be and live into rewarding new life experiences.

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