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Human Design Readings

Offer a profound new way to see the magnificence of who you truly are instead of your pain and challenges. You’ll learn how to make peace with so many of your struggles, and let go of old patterns and behaviors that have held you back in some ways and that no longer serve you and your destiny. You will see new more desirable, inspiring and empowering ways of being in the world that will make your heart sing.

Basic Reading of Your Natal/Foundation Chart

   Prerequisite for Advanced Readings

Foundation Chart

This Foundational Reading covers your Human Design Type, Strategy and Authority ~ your unique energy and decision-making strategy. These three elements of your Design are your birthright and essential interface with the cosmos for creating the life you want. And there's more! The Reading will reveal to you your unique Life Purpose and give you even deeper insights into your personal energy and your destiny. You’re going to become aware of: • how your personal energy works in the world • your best way to make decisions • how you can tap into your right work • live your life purpose • create healthy relationships that honor who you are • how to activate greater vitality and well-being • practical ways beginning TODAY to start living a truly meaningful life ~ yes, the HOW TO use this knowledge wisely!


Advanced Readings


Relationship Compatibility

We will look at the dynamics between two charts to help you find relationship strategies that are creative, deeply respectful, and mutually appreciative in both business and intimate relationships.


We know that intimate relationships often bring up our deepest most long-held pain. A Relationship Reading will support you in understanding and resolving difficult to manage dynamics between you ~ deepening your love for your partner, and for yourself.



Family dynamics are always interesting, yes? Here we look at the energy imprints of each member of your family (including your family of origin, if you choose). This will help you understand the energy needs of each individual within the energetic dynamics of your family and how to make sure everyone's needs can be met in balanced healthy ways. If you are a parent, a Family Reading is a must! You will learn how to communicate by Design, creating greater family harmony and enjoyment of life together. You will find out how to best support the unfolding of your child’s gifts, strengths, and authentic self, as well as how to take care of yourself as a parent ~ increasing everyone's healthy sense of lovability, self-value, and age-appropriate level of empowerment.

Soul Alignment

Life Purpose

In this reading we will consider your Human Design from a spiritual perspective to explore and expand your understanding of your Life Purpose, the journey of your soul in this lifetime, and how to re-examine your life experiences so that the difficult and painful ones  become vital lessons instead of stumbling blocks or even trauma. You will also discover the ways in which you have already lived in alignment with your path ~ and that can be a wide-eyed, joyful, empowering, and deeply affirming discovery.

Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis

In Human Design, and traditional astrology, there are important life cycles in human life that may bring us crucial themes to face ~ including the possibility of major life changes. When these cycles arrive it is time to take stock of your life experiences, where you are currently on your life path, where you want to go in the future, and what you may need to do to align yourself more with your authentic self.  The Life Cycle Readings include: a Saturn Return Reading (first done around the ages of 28-30 and secondly again 56-58); Uranus Opposition Reading (done around the age of 40); and a Chiron Return Reading (done around the age of 50).

Solar Return Reading

Topic Focused

This popular reading is your birthday reading and can be done once a year on or near your birthday to help you understand the themes you will be dealing with during your twelve month journey around the sun. Along with enjoying what comes easily, you will be prepared for challenging themes that may arise; and you will know in advance how to navigate them with clarity, integrity, and grace.

Quantum Alignment Coaching


Quantum Alignment coaching is based on the Quantum Alignment System™, created by Karen Curry Parker, that offers science-based* Energy Psychology modalities for personal change. Sessions incorporate your Human Design Chart, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), subtle energy therapies such as essential oils and flower essences, to assist you in reaching your goals by opening to the possibilities that are available to you in the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities.

* see the works of: scientist researchers Peta Stapleton, Joe Dispenza, Dawson Church, Dean Radin, Greg Braden, David Feinstein

​Master Alignment Coaching

Master Alignment Coaching focuses on essential life giving attributes that are vital for human health and well-being, and that may be blocked for you or not yet open to their highest potential. This is usually a 3-9 session coaching program that allows you to become aware of a lack of, or low expression of, the essential attributes, and how that limitation has been manifesting in your life. Through EFT, the power of questions, and journaling, you will be guided to open more fully to positive expressions that nourish and support new energies and reality of BEING for you ~ more relaxed, alert, clear-headed, self trusting, loving, emotionally wise, courageous, decisive, empowered, balanced energy, confidence in your self worth, and appreciation of the real you. You will want to take that everywhere you go.

Possible blocks or patterns of behavior are revealed in your Human Design chart. Through questions and using muscle/energy checking we will find the areas where you may be blocked, feeling stuck. In 3-9 sessions you will be guided through a protocol using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), to help you release old restrictive patterns (tiring Old Story) and ground you in new energy and new ways of being (energizing and inspiring New Story). Flower essences, essential oils, and/or crystals may be used to support you in staying grounded in your New Story. You will be given a Dream Seed to help you open up your mental and emotional levels to a new possibility. There will be easy-to-do homework for you to help you become aware of things that you have been hiding from the world, and to aid you in NOTICING how the hidden things dissolve as you live into your new story ~ thoughts, feelings, and actions. Noticing is an essential part of learning that allows you/me/everyone to quickly and kindly make needed adjustments if we find ourselves back in our old story. It happens, we're human! We want to be sure to move right back to what we really want that brings us ease and joy.

Specialty Coaching Sessions ~ for deep alignment in specific areas of life

There are avenues common to all humans where we express our energy and vibration. If our vibration is low or blocked, this avenue may become a sore point in your life, a place where you just can’t seem to succeed or feel “at home.” Specialty Coaching sessions safely and gently advance your exploration and growth in the areas of your life where you wish to create and maintain a higher vibration.

There will normally be 3-9 specialty sessions (or more) to help you align with the new possibilities you seek.


Specialty Coaching Sessions also could be a group coaching environment for learning, sharing and growth. If you are part of a group that would like to arrange group sessions on specific topics, please contact me for more information and/or to make arrangements.

The Specialty Sessions that I facilitate with most clients are:

Relationship Alignment

Abundance Alignment

Health Alignment

Consciousness Alignment (Beliefs, Awareness, Mindset, Attitude)


Disclaimer: The practices shared by Mariya Masters are not meant to replace care provided by licensed medical and health professionals. The practices are neither diagnostic nor intended to be used as a substitute for the independent judgment of a physician for any given health issue. This work is considered complementary to regulated medical and health practices. By choosing to work with Mariya Masters, you agree to hold yourself accountable and responsible for your well-being while releasing from all liability Mariya Masters and any resources she may recommend.

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